BS Burner Services Ltd, have been operating as a totally independent company in
the field of combustion since 1988.
   We are able to source combustion equipment from a wide range of manufacturers,
enabling us to specialise in a wide range of engineering activities, both mechanical
and electrical over a wide range of processes including instrumentation, control
systems, panel design and manufacture. We have the ability and experience to be
able to undertake energy surveys as well as the capability to design, manufacture
and install new combustion plant (oil and gaseous fired). We also offer Refractory
Solutions, supply of low thermal mass and acoustic linings/materials, dense
refractory, monolithic and cast materials for supply and installation. Planned
mechanical maintenance work including arranging and overseeing the relining of Kilns,
Furnaces and Ovens, exterior lagging and cladding, supply of cloths and mattresses,
Mastics and caulking also ceramic products from electrical element hanging systems
to electrode spacers for burners. We have wide experience in these areas as well
as being able to offer on site burner commissioning, electrical and instrumentation
installation and service, because we are not tied in with one, single manufacturer
in all these areas we have never been restricted when it comes to the type of
plant we are capable of working on. Instead we are able to supply a wide range of
products and services on all types of units. We also design, supply, install and
service systems for the paper industry, the aluminuium foil industry, the asphalt
industry, the food industry, and chemical and fume incineration plant, as well as
being able to handle, (as a side line to our usual activities) Infra Red, high level
factory heating systems, and stand alone air heating modules inclusive of internal
and external linings and cladding. In fact any process that requires/uses a Heat
Source, BS Burners are there on site now or have been at one time or another.